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Local. Seasonal. Raw Honey.

At John Newman Honeybee Company we offer top quality honey cultivated from bees in Baltimore City. We are a Black Owned and Woman Led apiary in the city of Baltimore.
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Our mission

At John Newman Bees it is our mission to support the local economy which we operate in, while also stabilizing ecological food chains and providing a safe and secure location for our bees to thrive. We strive to give black people access to this ancestral art, which serves as a tool for healing generational trauma and battling the forces of systemic racism.

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Why our work is important.

Global bee populations every year have decreased by 30 percent since 2006. This drop is due to modern agriculture, varroa mites, and various viruses. There is also the pressing danger of insecticides and pesticides utilized in modern agriculture which find their way into bee diets. Another danger is industrial bee farming where bees are treated like cattle, and their natural feeding habits and freedoms are restricted. The bees succumb to health problems as a direct result of these unnatural practices. Urban Beekeeping is a economic opportunity for developing cities and a vital investment for both bee health and agricultural stability. Supporting responsible apiculture programs and laws allows urban beekeeping to become the backbone of sustainable urban economies.

Our founder

Nikkia Tenee Rowe, raised in the community of Cherry Hill, is a veteran educator, writer and community leader. A true Baltimore native, she has over twenty years of experience in public education and is fiercely committed to the children and Black community in Baltimore.   Nikkia founded the John Newman HoneyBee Company in April of 2019. 

Bees and Healing

We’re focused on empowering Black people. We want those we impact to retake their freedom through beekeeping. By practicing mindfulness and active meditation we are able to teach people a new craft while reconnecting them with nature. This is healing mixed with community building! 

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